Huiqin Gao | UX Designer
I design to make information more accessible.

My Design Principles


My Design Principles

Huiqin Gao, 2018 April 14


User centered design

I will base my design decisions on research or educated hypothesis instead of subjective assumptions.

I will prioritize clients’ interests and societal impacts over my personal design preferences.

I will use no more resources than needed.


I will always remain open to critique of my work.

I will be a positive contribution to my design team; I will always treat my clients and teammates with respect, despite any creative differences we might have.

I will make up for any losses should my design work be responsible for negative consequences.

Contributing to community

I will always help other designers when possible.

I will provide feedback to other designers that is specific, focuses on the positive and negative aspects of their work, and inspires them to grow.

I will give clear authorship or contributorship to those who add to my design work, including collaborative work, and the work based on other creative’ creations. 

Design for good

I will utilize and create data technology for good.

I will support users’ privacy, esteem, free speech and all other human rights.

I will contribute at least 150 hours annually to volunteer design projects that serve society and improve human experience. (Contact me if you need a designer for projects of serving society; I’ll offer high-quality design for free.)