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Smart kitchen with healthier snack options

A personalized voice interface design providing busy users with quick yet healthy snack recipes

5 Minute Snack Bar

A personalized voice interface design providing busy users with quick yet healthy snack recipes



For: CareerFoundry Voice User Interface Design course

Challenge: Create a recipe app for Amazon Alexa in a design sprint

Length: 20 hours

Skills: User personas, system personas, user stories, conversational design, Wizard of Oz testing

Tools: Amazon Developer Console, Amazon Web Services, Invocable

My role: Lead designer



Although CareerFoundry only required me to design a recipe app for Amazon Alexa, I wanted to focus on a specific problem space so that my Alexa Skill would provide a more refined service.

Noticing the poor snacking habits of my peers, I decided to create an Alexa app that would help users make healthier choices. Poor snacking decisions are often made when people are busy or stressed, so I focused on creating an app that would guide users in making nutritious and delicious snacks in 5 minutes or less.




Because this was a design sprint project, I simplified the standard double-diamond approach into a two-step define-design process.





User Persona

After graduating from university three years ago, I noticed most of my old classmates, especially those who worked in urban environments, quickly began to suffer from poor health—complaining of fatigue, insomnia, and stress. I concluded there must be a strong connection between work and suboptimal health.

After watching my professional friends make poor snacking choices, and being guilty of eating unhealthily myself, I was curious. How could people be motivated to make healthy eating decisions while still supporting their busy lifestyles?

I conducted guerrilla interviews with five friends and family members. Focusing on the experiences of my target users—busy professionals—helped me empathize with their struggles and deepened my understanding of their needs.

Based on my findings, I quickly sketched out the user persona Olivia:


System Persona

To inspire Olivia, I designed Pietro, a young, professional chef who wants to help people cook healthy, delicious food.



User needs & user stories

The project brief CareerFoundry gave me required the fulfillment of four aspects. I broke each of them down into several different user stories to inform my conversation design.




User flow for voice


I then designed the user flows (Appendix A) for 5 Minute Snack Bar.

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Voice scripts

With the personas and user flows in mind, I designed the voice scripts (Appendix B) for 5 Minute Snack Bar:



Demo Video




Appendix A: User flow (view PDF)

Appendix B: Voice script (download .xlsx file)